Happy Children's Day (Nov. 14)


"Parents listen to your children
We are the leaders of tomorrow
Try and pay our school fees
And give us sound education"

November 14 is celebrated annually in India as Children’s Day. All over the world, different countries have days set aside to honour the achievements of children. Today, I take a moment to all our children all over India, a very happy children's day. Be it a memorable day for all of them.

I believe only education can make our nation, and for that matter any nation, great. Because, education is a critical tool for national development. Research has shown that countries that make great advancement are countries that make education a priority. India must revamp its public school system. To achieve this, we must once again make teaching in public schools attractive so we can attract the best brains. We must pay more of our attention on primary education of our kids. We must give our children a solid foundation upon which to build their dreams—this much we owe them!

In the midst of all the war mongering, religious bigotary, Caste discriminations, hate violence, honour killings, selfish attitudes, media bias and negative propaganda, it is imparative for all of us to resolve to build a future nation by providing a conducive atmosphere for our kids to blossoms as responsible citizens, as real human beings, as men and women for others. It is our duty as leaders, educators, parents, administrators, religious heads, political leaders and above all Citizens of this nation to provide safe environment for our kids, better education for our children and building a model nation for to live in love and harmony.

On this children’s day, I salute every Indian child. My wish for them is that they are relentless in their pursuit of their ambitions. I call on every adult to support the children in their care, and create for them an environment that will nurture their dreams.


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