I am sure, by now, most of you might have heard this news. For the knowledge of those who have not..... I am sharing this news. CBI has arrested a class 11 student today for murdering a class 2 kid in an international school @ Gurugram (Gurgaon). The murder happened on 2nd October 2017 and at first the police arrested the school bus conductor. However this case was transferred to CBI because of immense pressure by the victim's parents. Upon investigation CBI found out that the murder was carried out by a class 11 student just to cancel the exams and parent teacher meeting as he didn't score as per expectations. Today there is news that the accused boy and the victim studied Piano in the same centre and known each other.

This is the happening news now and obviously has shocked the entire country as none expected that this crime was carried out by a 16 year old for a very silly reason. Though this the father of the accused is pleading innocence, the juvenile court has granted 3 days of remand under CBI custody. So, this indicates that CBI has enough evidence against the alleged accused. This is really scary. Gone are the days when we use to fight for pencil, pen and rubber. The current generation is very very advanced in terms of intelligence and criminal mindset too.

This incident shows up only a tip of an ice berg. There is a systemic error in our education system. Parents and schools are all part of this error. Our education is based on academic performance than based on Multiple Intelligence based over all growth of the child! Learning is the last aim but earning is the goal of the parents when they look for schools for their kids! There is undue pressure, both from the family and the society too on today's students. Everyone wants more and want to be first in the class and school! Children are made to be competing with each other. Everything is exam ceentred and result oriented!! Parents want their children earning more than learning more!!! The growing violence in Indian society, the media exposure, the degrading value education, a hostile political atmosphere etc contributing to the children in their confused mind set. Ans the result is such henious criminal attitude.

The news in Hindu news paper tells us that the boy confessed the CBI that the boy was 'disturbed because his parents were in constant fight at home'. I think it is another revelation for the parents. If the family doesnot provide a peaceful and loving atmosphere, the children cannot be expected to be good. So, please keep a close watch on your children and handle them appropriately as situation demands. We need to consciously avoid situations that would encourage our kids to take the short cuts to escape from failures. Teach them about the realities of life. Failure is part of life. One cannot be always winning. We must make our kids realise that life is not a bed of Roses. Things might not happen the way they want it ---"Always".

We need to make them understand that failures will teach us good lessons and everyone has to undergo that phase but with a positive intend. Rest upto each one of your style and discretion as to how to monitor and keep them away from these thoughts. Avoid unnecessary pressure towards kids study !!!!

Parents, schools, and all of us must make sure that another incident of this sort never happens. Let us make our families, schools and society a better place for our kids to grow as mature happy citizens. I hope the New Education Policy Commission will take note of this and suggest ways to overcome this serious problem confronted by Indian education system.
Sunny Jacob SJ

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