JESUS AS THE MODEL TEACHER It is worth noticing that many authors recently talking about how Jesus was also an “educator,” and how contemporary educators and ministers can learn from his teaching methods. Christ was often referred to as Rabbi, which means “respected teacher.” While his teaching started early, at about age twelve in the Temple, his primary period of teaching was relatively short two and a half to three years long. Humans are certainly not divine, but are created in his image, and reflect him in their talents and abilities. Given that, educators and ministers can also reflect him in our teaching. Christ used some of the methods contemporary educators we discuss comprehension questions and lesson illustrations (parables) come to mind. Considering his disciples and followers as his students, some other aspects discussed (in no particular order):- He was a steward/shepherd of his students- He didn’t use sarcasm in teaching He repeated key points at different times- He wove Scripture into his teaching He often used the phrase “It is written…” - He recognized his own need for personal prayer and devotional time- He cared for his students- He treated all as teachable/reachable- He looked to and prepared his students for the future- He confronted disobedience- He served with humility- He held no regard for station in life his own or others’ He wasn’t self -promoting- He was patient with his critics but He challenged others to higher standards/higher achievement- He encouraged perseverance “Let down your nets” after the disciples were already tired/discouraged. In all these points, educators and ministers should remember that teaching is a definite calling – a spiritual gift discussed in Scripture (Romans 12:7,