My experience of a Teacher By Archita

(Send me by Archita Himmat Singhka)
Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me

We all know him as a lovable teacher but few know him as how he works to nurture the youth. As a teacher himself, he cared about the education and wellbeing of children. In 12th Grade, first time I saw him in the class as our new Principal at DeNobili School, FRI. As he entered, the vibes of positivity entered the class. The activeness that exudes from him made us realize the lack of zeal we didn’t possess. He was different from every other teacher in my school where he taught how to live one’s life, what should be the different degrees of priority in our life as a student, how to retain the moral value with the modernising world.
Inspiring teachers have an all embracing spiritual attitude and they are inclusive in approach. He made us believe “Yes we can”. When he first saw me, he pointed at me and asked whether I was a dancer. It was unbelievable for me that how come on the very first day he knew my quality, it was his experience that spoke that day because the way he uses to connect with the students like their own best friend helped him to know how the world works for the present youth and he would deliver the knowledge in the friendliest manner. With him, the environment of the whole school changed. There were more and more opportunities for students to showcase their talent as he wanted everyone to believe that everyone is best in something or the other, it’s just about the time when we realize it.
His guidance leads me to the basic transitions in my life. He, not just being a teacher, but a mentor, a leader, a preacher, a source of light for me. My perspective has changed where now I try to see the treasure in everyone. In Today’s world of flux, where you do not get a single glimpse of humane nature , his personality lead me believe, “Yes! Humans do exist”.
I guess “Teacher is not a teacher unless he is like Father Sunny Jacob”.

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