A new mobile app for Jesuit and Ignatian schools around the world

A new mobile app for Jesuit and Ignatian schools around the world

Educate Magis, an online community of educators from more than 2,000 Jesuit and Ignatian schools all over the world, has launched an app to make it easier for them to link-up and collaborate as a global community from their smartphones.

The Educate Magis mobile app contains stories, interviews and updates on what is happening in the global Jesuit education network. It also provides a space where educators can participate in conversations, and exchange perspectives, opinions and ideas to enhance international networking, an important dimension of Jesuit education.

The app features a section on the forthcoming II COLLOQUIUM JESEDU-Jogja2020, an international gathering of school leaders from 24 June to 4 July at Sanata Dharma University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Educate Magis encourages educators to reflect and act on issues and challenges that will be discussed at the colloquium by posting their thoughts, questions, feelings, and prayers on the app. These virtual conversations will be an important input to the actual colloquium.

The virtual colloquium was developed by Educate Magis with the Ateneo SALT Institute in the Philippines as a contribution from the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific. It has three modules, Choosing Purpose, Cultivating Depth, and Building Reconciliation. Each one addresses one or two Universal Apostolic Preferences and begins with a five-minute animated video intended to provoke thought and conversation about the context of Jesuit education today.

The virtual colloquium on the mobile app is limited to participating in the global conversation, but the website version allows participants to also take a poll to assess how their schools fare in the Global Identifiers of a Jesuit School from Jesuit Schools: A Living Tradition document, and share best practices by posting a picture of a programme or practice that exemplifies one or two of the Global Identifiers.

The Educate Magis app is currently only available for Android phones but it is coming to iOS soon.

Download the app here.