Minority Commission: Educational Rights

The National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions Act 2004 (2 of 2005) as amended by the NCMEI (Amendment Act 2006) lays down rights of Minority Educational Institutions as under:-

Right to establish a Minority Educational Institution:-

1.                 Any person who desires to establish a Minority Institution may apply to the Competent authority for the grant of no objection certificate for the said purpose.

2.                  The Competent authority shall:-

(a)       on perusal of documents, affidavits or other evidence, if any; and

(b)       after giving an opportunity of being heard to the applicant, decide every application filed under sub-section (1) as expeditiously as possible and grant or reject the application, as the case may be:

        Provided that where an application is rejected, the Competent authority shall communicate the same to the applicant.

3.     Where within a period of ninety days from the receipt of the application under sub-section (1) for the grant of no objection certificate:-

(a)       the Competent authority does not grant such certificate; or

(b)      where an application has been rejected and the same has not been communicated to the person who has applied for the grant of such certificate,

it shall be deemed that the Competent authority has granted a no objection certificate to the applicant.