Profile of a Jesuit Educator

An Ignatian Educator serves as a guide with and for students on their formational journeys in a Jesuit school. In collaboration with colleagues, the Ignatian Educator engages in ongoing personal, professional and religious development in order to sustain a vibrant community committed to the mission of Jesuit education.

 Caring for the Individual:

 • Helps students to be conscious of their well-rounded growth as men and women for others.

• Values students as individuals and treats them with empathy.

 • Demonstrates the willingness and ability to listen, developing mutual trust with students and colleagues.

• Seeks to understand adolescent psychology/behavior and the world of the adolescent.

 • Holds students, others and oneself accountable to reasonable academic and behavioral expectations.

Discerning Ways of Teaching and Learning:

 • Collaborates with educators in and beyond the school community to enrich teaching and learning.

 • Engages in ongoing development as an educator in light of new research, best practices, and social and cultural changes.

 • Solicits feedback from student and colleagues on the teaching-learning process.

• Strives to be a critically reflective teacher.

 • Evaluates curricular and instructional programs in light of department goals and the overall mission of the school.

Modeling Ignatian Pedagogy:

 • Creates conditions and provides the opportunities for the continual interplay of experience, reflection and action.

 • Helps students gain the skills to become life-long learners, including fostering creative and imaginative thinking.

 • Uses a variety of assessments to evaluate a student’s holistic growth.

 • Guides inquiry into subject matter for an awareness and a deeper understanding of significant issues and complex values that impels to action.

• Incorporates into the teaching-learning process the advances in technology, the expanding knowledge of how the brain works and the increasing awareness of students’ health/physical well-being.

Building Community and Fostering Collaboration:

• Works in partnership with Jesuit and lay colleagues in planning the educational and formational program to ensure the future of Jesuit education.

 • Engages in honest and respectful dialogue with colleagues on important issues of Jesuit education and professional development.

 • Earns the trust of others and draws upon the work and wisdom of others in decision-making.

• Partners with parents/guardians in achieving the school’s educational mission (as a Jesuit work and ministry).

 • Recognizes and works to overcome prejudices that impede the building of an Ignatian learning community

. • Inspires students and colleagues to collaborate with others in seeking the greater good for all.

Animating the Ignatian Vision:

 • Shares and helps to shape the school’s vision and mission.

 • Ensures the continual renewal of the institution.

• Responds to Christ’s call to be a woman or man with and for others.

 • Is knowledgeable of the foundational documents of Jesuit education.

• Values his/her work as a vocation to the ministry of teaching and works to promote a faith that does justice

 • Is open to the experience of the Spiritual Exercises and engages in ongoing learning and development in the principles of Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy.