Fr. Raj Irudaya, ADF in collaboration with JESA, Bangalore ISI, Assistancy Development Office & Centre for Culture &Development,Vadodara is offering on behalf of the Assistancy, the following Summer courses and workshops  for the development of the ministerial skills of our formees. The PCFs and RCFs have been kindly asked to provide their formees with these wonderful opportunities of learning and forming. Fr.ADF thanks profusely those involved in this venture of inter-ministerial collaboration.


 This Course cum Workshop is being envisaged and organized on the basis of Analysis, Awareness and Action pedagogy to take a critical stock of the prevailing situations in the fields of social, economic, political and religious situations in our country. Keeping this objective in view, a few relevant themes have been worked out for the workshop. The very Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic and Republic nature of our country is at stake since the uprising of communal forces. The preamble of our Constitution which guarantees Justice (of social, economic and political), Liberty (of thought, expression, belief, faith, and worship), Equality (of status and opportunity) and Fraternity (of the dignity of the individuals and the unity and integrity of the nation) is becoming a distant dream for the ordinary people of our country.

An integrated view of the situations is desired to be achieved through this workshop.    Socio-economic, religio-political and gendercontexts with alternative discourses and media will form the content of this workshop. Social scientists and activists will conduct this course through appropriate field visits and reflections.This course will help our Scholastics to develop a critical and constructive outlook on Indian society, which will be of immense help to their formation in mission and for their future ministries. Before moving into the stage of theological formation, the formees are expected to have undergone this course.

DATES:               21 April to 5 May, 2018

VENUE:              INDIAN SOCIAL INSTITUTE, Bangalore

Course Fees:    Rs. 9000/- (inclusive of board & lodging, course

materials& fees)

Contact Person:

AlwynPrakash D'Souza, SJ

Head,Human Rights & Training Unit 

Indian Social Institute 

24 Benson Road

Bengaluru- 560046

Mob: +91 9480512745




Development work in the Society of Jesus is a service to the poor for their empowerment and freedom. This is a ministry performed in faith, proceeding from Ignatian discernment. The global economic scenario is changing rapidly and calls for more organized and professional efforts at resource mobilization.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to developmental perspectives
  • Programme/ project design and management
  • Documentation and Reporting skills
  • Orientation to the LOKMANCH Programme/project
  • Field visit to LOKMANCH Partners in groups
  • Developing presentations/ reporting based on field visit/exposure
  • Sharing and learning from field visit
  • Spirituality of Fundraising and Management of Resources
  • Relationship with benefactors
  • Collaboration and Networking as a way forward


Dates:  22-30 April 2018 (both days inclusive)

Venue: Atmadarshan Renewal Centre, DighaGhat, Patna, Bihar

Course Fees: Rs 6000/- (inclusive of board & lodging, course fees, stationery & field visits)


Contact Person:           Fr. SijiNoorokariyil, S.J.

 Coordinator, PDD & ADD


Mob: 090066 52021/09430888479



The 21st Century India has been experiencing fundamental changes in society, polity, economy and culture. Intertwining of modernity and tradition has produced complex social relations. Though villages are ‘vanishing’ and giving way to the ever expanding urban landscape, yet village India carries its resonance to the urban India. Legitimacy and rationale of old social identities based on caste, tribe and community are challenged and reconfigured after negotiations and confrontations.  India has been struggling hard to find innovative ways to balance growth with equity.

The course is aimed at providing a critical understanding of perspectives through which the contemporary context of rural and urban India can be understood. It is expected to make young Jesuits comprehend the broad contours of the spatiality, polity, economy and cultural aspects of villages and cities in India along with their convergences and contradictions. This will help develop a critical thinking on the growth and the development processes within and across such spaces in the country

Dates:                16 April 2018 Arrival

17 April to 24 April (duration of the course 8 days)

25 April 2018 Departure.


Course Fees:    Rs. 8,000/-  (inclusive of board & lodging, course materials & fees)

Venue:               Centre for Culture and Development, Sevasi, Vadodara, Gujarat

Contact Person:  Dr.Lancy Lobo



Mob:                  09426336747 / 09586292765