Sunita Kadian is an Inspiration


I hope that by sharing this story of Sunita Kadian, I will have renewed, if not restored, the faith of so many teachers all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are teaching online or face-to-face, the essence remains the same.

“I have realized that just delivering a lecture won’t suffice. You have to follow up with students and clear their doubts. I never teach by the clock. I always keep some time for chit-chat and casual conversation with my students. I even spare some time to discuss motivational topics and soft skills with my elearners even though the course may not include the same.

My sense of commitment towards my course and students kept me going. So many people from different corners of the world take my classes. Its a unique experience. And I think you feel like teaching when you know you will make a difference in their lives.

The key to great teaching is always remembering that you can’t take online students for granted. If an individual has shown faith in you by enrolling for your course, you are obliged to reciprocate that faith with tenfold commitment.”

And, smiling with her eyes, she says, “I am glad I got into online teaching”.

Hope this story inspired you or you.