Teachers Who Impacted Us

In 3rd grade, Mrs. Hammet was a very tough teacher. She was old and strict but I loved her anyway. One day, the class was being particularly unruly. She was fed up and began to yell at the class. After about 5 long minutes of her tirade, she stood in front of me and said, “The only kid in the class who enjoys learning, who says, ‘Wow, that’s interesting’ is this kid right here.” I looked up and she was pointing right at me. It was that moment that I felt the power of validation. I did love learning and she recognized that in me. I continue to be awed by learning and actively pursue it to this day! - Stephanie

The words that a teacher said to me that pushed me to change were, “Trust yourself.” I asked lots of questions in fear of failing. She learned what I needed and stopped answering my questions and told me to just do it. - Anonymous

I became a teacher because as a child I was fascinated with the happiness and excitement my mother’s career brought her. I thought to myself that I too wanted a job that was so fulfilling. As a high school student, I would help her in her second grade classroom at the end of the day, and seeing her in action solidified my desire to pursue this dream. My favorite part of watching her was seeing and realizing the magic she possessed as she swept her seven-year-olds away into whatever piece of fiction she read aloud, changing her voice, pausing just perfectly, booming so effectively. They LOVED her! I am who I am because of her. So thankful too. - Anonymous